Ivan Arkhipov and Rustam Sherifzyanov



 Street art project "Kunstpoint" we began to implement in Dusseldorf in February 2016. We placed etchings in urban space, carefully choosing the place for our works. 
You are the artist, the manager, and the curator at the same time. You just took your work out, found a place and put it on. And people just come out to the street and watch it.

Furthermore, our art initially is a scream, which works best on the street, rather than in gallery, Artists Union exhibition, or at home of some collector.
Metal plate etching is a medieval technique. Putting this works on the walls of a modern city is some sort of a dialogue with time.

Beside of that, everything we see on the streets: advertising, posters, tags is a visual noise. Everything is humming and not making a dialogue neither with citizen, nor with city.

We wanted to overcome that noise and to “hear” our works. We also solved a lot of minor questions such as place, color, texture, composition. You can’t avoid this stage.


Düsseldorf, Magdeburg, München, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Venice, Budapest, Beijing